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Some of the posts here will be more frivolous than others. This one involves shopping and going out.

I got paid last week, so, activities at the weekend involved spending a lot of money, quite a lot of which I won't have to spend again for a while. The major outlay was a nice wig, from a wig & extensions place in town who are advertised in the TG guide. It really is very nice, but it cost an eye-watering amount. It better last, is all I can say. And to rub it in, at the beautician's later, it turns out that the receptionist's sister, who is 18 and recovering from cancer, has been buying great wigs from a store on ebay for 10-20% of what I shelled out. I got the web address.

When I went out shopping with A&H a couple of weeks ago, I realised that the bra I was wearing had had it, and I have a total of one decent one, so I stopped in at Markies and asked to be fitted. As with other forays in shopping openly for myself, I was nervous and so asked one of the older lady assistants. She was a little surprised, but went off to get someone to help me, who turned out to be a young woman in her early 20s. The first lady hung around for a bit while while I was measured up and, I think, to check that I wasn't going to be in any way dodgy, then left us to it while the fitter brought me selections to try on, and advised me on the fit of what I tried. The whole experience was very positive and professional.

Then to get my legs waxed again, and a pedicure. The waxing was less hideously painful uncomfortable than the first time, and my bikini line isn't red raw. My legs are smooth but the skin of my calfs was numb  The pedicure was bliss, thank you [personal profile] fjm. Sitting in a massage chair with a foot spa, drinking coffee, reading magazines and chatting to the receptionist, then having my toes professionally painted. This particular beautician is also advertised in the TG guide because she is also totally cool about male and TG customers. Even some of the lady customers were very nice, as if there was absolutely no reason why a man wouldn't want his feet pampered.

Finally, shopping in Braehead for sandals to show off my newly pretty toes. Could I find any with low heels in size 8? not a bit of it. Ended up with two pairs of high-heeled sandals for £7 total, down from £80, making up somewhat for the wig. They fit OK, and they look great, but I can only wear them for a couple of hours.

Now that I've actually got all the bits and pieces to go out, I duly went out. Violate is a fetish club in Glasgow once a month which is very accepting of TVs. I've been twice before, once about a year ago and once years ago when  the club was still in Edinburgh. Problem was, they have a dress code, no denim of any colour.  Unfortunately my wardrobe so far is mostly based around jeans and tops. Welcome to 'I haven't a thing to wear.' I managed to figure something out, and happily sat in the bar sipping G&T for a couple of hours while people were getting flogged in the other room. I got chatted up very politely, by a reasonably nice guy, and had my bum felt by an old lech as he went past me. And apparently I needn't have worried; since the dress code includes TV, I'm fine in denim skirts and women's jeans so long as it's all part of an outfit. I left while I was still able to walk in my new shoes.

I picked up a tip from the Ministry of Burlesque yesterday - apparently those little gel inserts, 'Party Feet,' work a treat, to save the balls of your feet from the impact of all your weight falling on them. I'll have to try them.
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(Or, We've Created a Monster ... )

Shopping on Saturday was good, and successful as both an acquisition trip and a research trip. I got two good pairs of jeans, one for heels and the other for flats, a top that suits me, some underwear vests, and a necklace. I also got an idea for shapes and colours that I can wear, and a grounding in general shopping technique. I was quite worried at first, in Next, when we were picking up skirts and trousers and tops and everything, to try on, but the principle turned out to be, grab everything you fancy, in a range of sizes, and then go try them out to see what works. This principle works very well, in fact.

An interesting aspect came up when Helena went to ask customer services in Next if we could use the changing rooms. They had to phone someone for policy, but the response was, if I had been dressed female, then I could have used the ladies' changing rooms. Since I wasn't, I was welcome to take all my skirts and things to the gents'. So off we went, the three of us, for me to try on skirts and the girls to advise.

So, styles - Next is about like the age and style range that I'm looking for, and Dorothy Perkins will supply basics like t-shirts. I should look for a little shrug and possibly try on that filmy top that Aoife dug up, with a black vest under and the grey shrug over. In a couple of weeks as well, I'll look out for cardies, and maybe I'll have lost some of my gut. I'll have to ask around where I can get clip earrings, and pick up a watch. My last major purchase will be a wig - Aoife agrees that auburn would suit me, in a collar-length bob - and that will be me, ready to step out. I need to practice with mascara and eye makeup in general, but I'm coming along with foundation and lipstick.

Comment of the day - we met Aoife's and Helena's boyfriends in the pub, where they had spent the afternoon while we shopped. When I explained what we had been about to Bob, his response was, "So the important question is - does your bum look good in it?"


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