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So yesterday I went to the counsellor, who is pleased with my progress and with the fact that I have been doing a lot of thinking around the idea of changing sex. I have clearly firmed up in my ideas of what I want, and started making commitments, like telling my friends what I'm up to. I am to lose some weight, in order to avoid heart problems when I go on hormones, and have a psychiatric evaluation, but the doctor expects that I'll go on hormones in about six months. I expect that whether or not I do will depend on my success in losing weight, both improving my chances of keeping good health and demonstrating my commitment to my plan.

And yet, what is my plan? I'm happily spending money on buying female goodies and wardrobe and so on, and I've announced to my friends that I'm thinking about changing sex, but now and again I get hit with 'what am I doing?' and especially, 'what have I done?'

And now I've booked a leg wax and pedicure for the first weekend after I get paid next. That's a Violate night as well, maybe I'll go out then. I need a nice wig. I really need to start wearing my corset on a more regular basis.  I need wider hips to keep my jeans up, or possibly to tighten that belt on them. That'll come, now.

So I should get myself a ticket for High Tease, and give Emma a buzz to see what she's found for me to wear. 


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