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I have set up a Patreon to help raise funds, get to workshops, fund my studies next year and pay for cat food. The page is live today at Look for links in the next week to existing readings, poetry and prose as I work on the first pieces for patrons.

The plan will be:

$1 patrons will have access to the patron-only content on the page, including new poems and readings once a month.
$2 patrons will have downloadable MP3s of my readings.
$5 patrons will receive a collected ebook of my new pieces at the end of the year
$10 patrons will receive a printed chapbook of the collection.

This is a long-term plan: I would be writing these pieces as and when I can, in between trying to pay the bills. With your support I will be able to produce more consistent work and fund access to workshops and the creative writing degree which I am starting in September.

I will also be able to work on a wider range of projects, including films of performances, new screenplays that I am developing, and I plan to produce a stage show. Look for further developments here and on the Patreon page.


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