Aug. 6th, 2013

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At a counselling session today, and we were talking about loneliness and partners and I went through the romantic (mis-)adventures I've had in recent months. When I'd got through the list (seriously, seven so far; I normally meet one woman I like in a year), the counsellor said, "That's all for Michael, I haven't heard anything for Elaine yet."

Sorry, what?

So I had to correct her misapprehensions about gender expression vs. sexual orientation and that while they often correlate, neither causes the other. Just look at every gay and lesbian person on the planet. And I fancy women, therefore while Michael is straight, Elaine isn't.

Also, making a distinction between Michael and Elaine is a big mistake. There isn't one.

I know that trans* issues are a specialist interest, but I'd have thought that a professional counsellor would know better than to impose any assumptions on a client. Still, she took the correction well.

Clinic as well, this morning; I asked once again to schedule surgery, they once again gave me a delay. I should go back a couple more times before they'll even start applying for funding "to see how you're doing." Last time it was that I needed the sign-off of two doctors. I'm contemplating making a pest of myself.


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