May. 6th, 2009

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[this isn't my idea originally, a lady on a dating site put up a description of herself that was listed alphabetically and I thought it was only appropriate to reply in kind. Here's what I sent ... ]

Alphabetically , I am ...

Appreciative of alliterative allusions
Barely begun
Currently consulting a compendium of characteristics (looking up a dictionary; cheat? who, me?)
Delighted to make your acquaintance
Enjoying the exercise so far
Flippant frequently
Gently good-
Humoured (couldn't resist)
Infrequently impulsive (but 'what the hell' is always the right decision)
Just, joyous and with joie de vivre
Literate, and I take myself lightly
Mike by name, hello
Not afraid of hard work if it's worth it
Phlegmatic and philosophical
Quebecois originally, but now with a Scottish accent
Romantic? sometimes - remember about 'what the hell'
Sceptical and scientific, but also ...
Tolerant (and typically Taurean, but it doesn't matter to me)
Unwise at times
Vocal on subjects that I care about
eXcellently bad at atrocious wordplay (you already got in xenophilic)

[I liked it, I thought I'd save it here.]
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The doctor even apologised to me for making me feel I was being pressured.

The new administration appears to have calmed down from their strict interpretation of the letter of the rules and are agreeing that some people have different circumstances and needs than others. I have to be examined by their new resident psychiatrist by way of checking up on my counsellor, but I am not to feel that it is a test, that they'll take me off the hormones if they decide I am in some way doing it wrong.

The counsellor was actually quite nervous, as if he was afraid that I'd make a complaint, which I was actually ready to do if he pushed me.

And I got waxed this morning and I got my nails done this afternoon. I'm actually enjoying going out and about as me, less nervous than I have been. Should do it more. Walking around Queen Street, even in the rain, was fun.


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